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Division of Investment Promotion

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Qingdao International Investment & Cooperation Promotion Bureau is a professional institution run by the Qingdao municipal government to attract investment from large transnational corporations.


We aim to provide information and overall services to governmental agencies, enterprises and institutions to promote projects covering industrial clustering, high-technology and trade.

  • 1、offering services to organize the "bring in " and "going out" mutual investment and cooperation promotion work for the whole city;
  • 2、marketing the city's economic environment and advocating foreign investment policies;
  • 3、organizing the formulation of directed investment planning and foreign investment cooperation Promotion Action Plan;
  • 4、undertaking the construction and management of the platform for two-way investment and cooperation;
  • 5、undertaking the establishment of the overseas industrial and commercial centers;
  • 6、providing public information and consultancy on two-way investment and cooperation for domestic and foreign-related institutions and enterprises.
We cooperate with domestic and overseas governments, enterprises and intermediary agencies.
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