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Key Investment Projects on Modern Industries

1. Qingdao Jinjialing Wealth Management and Financial Reform Pilot Zone Project
In February 2012, planning and construction of the Jinjialing financial area was started to optimize the layout for financial industry and upgrade industrial transformation and upgrading. In August 2013, the “Opinion on Accelerating Financial Reform and Development in Shandong Province” was released, which proposed to build Qingdao as an advanced international-oriented wealth management center in China. In order to fully exploit the advantageous resources in wealth management in Qingdao under the active request by Qingdao and Shandong, the State Council ratified the establishment of Qingdao Wealth Management and Finance Pilot Reform Area in February 2014, which is the first Finance Pilot Reform Area focusing on Wealth Management in China. In September 2014, the Qingdao Jinjialing Financial Area Management Commission was established after it was ratified by the provincial and municipal authorities as a key functional demonstration area. read more >>

Key Fields of and Professionalized and Oriented Team for Accurate Investment Promotion in Modern Ind

As per the Action Plan of Qingdao City for Accelerating the Implementation of Accurate Investment promotion for Modern Industry, in order to promote the “extensive visit for thousand-enterprise investment promotion”, 30 professional teams of key investment promotion fields are organized as per the working mode of 28 industrial fields and 2 cooperation platforms (28+2), so as to confirm the key field for industrial development in our city, define the responsible units, take the responsibility for studying the investment promotion policy of industrial development, organizing special investment promotion activities, and uniformly coordinating the departments, districts and cities in Professionalized Investment promotion, to carry out joint investment promotion work. read more >>

Qingdao Municipal Office for Investment Promotion: Measures for Implementation of Accurate Investmen

I. Reinforce policy support to introduce headquarter institution
1. For headquarter enterprises newly registered in our city, with paid-in capital below RMB 1 billion and above RMB 100 million, a lump sum of no more than RMB 10 million of subsidy will be given, and if the amount is below RMB 2 billion and above RMB 1 billion, a lump sum of no more than RMB 20 million of subsidiary will be given; and if the amount is above RMB 2 billion, a lump sum of no more than RMB 40 million of subsidiary will be given; the aforementioned subsidy funds will be paid within three years after the year of actually generating the local contribution, and shall be no more than the total amount of local contribution within these three years; the amount shall be borne by the city and the (district) city level as per the system. read more >>

Qingdao Municipal People’s Government: Action Plan of Qingdao City for Accurate Investment Promotion

The following action plan is hereby developed in order to implement the Notification by the State Council on Measures for Expanding the Scope of Opening-up and Actively Utilizing Foreign Investment (GF [2017] No. 5) and Notification on Measures for Actively Utilizing Foreign Investment in the New Period (LZF [2017] No. 16) issued by the Government of Shandong Province. The action plan focuses on supply side structural reform, actively promotes the conversion of economic driving forces, implements the strategy of accurate investment promotion featuring “interactive development of domestic and foreign capital” in modern industries, promotes the new round of high-level opening-up with the combination of promotion of investment, promotion of technology, idea, market, talents, resources, management, mode and type of business. read more >>

Sino-Russian United Industrial Technology Center will settle in Qingdao

The Qingdao CEPC CAE Technology Co., Ltd. and Russian PLM Ural Group, the largest industrial emulation technology company in Russia have recently signed a coope read more >>

Qingdao: the 40,000th vehicle assembled in BAIC BJEV

BAIC BJEV Qingdao manufacture base held its 2nd anniversary and the 40,000th vehicle assembly completion ceremony in Laixi recently.The 40,000th completed vehic read more >>

Qingdao fishery in the Belt and Road

The Qingdao Jurong Pelagic Fishery Co., Ltd. started to invest in fishery infrastructure in countries alongside the Belt and Road such as Indonesia and Russia read more >>

Jinjialing sees rapid influx of new companies

Launched in 2014, Jinjialing Financial District in Laoshan of Qingdao has quickly established itself as a new hub for financial businesses in Qingdao.The adde read more >>

The naming ceremony of Foremost Group’s 180,000 tons bulk carrier held

The naming ceremony of 180,000 tons No. 63 bulk carrier, built by Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co Ltd for Foremost Group was held. Qiu Yuanping, read more >>

Qingdao enterprises doing business in The Belt and Road Qingdao Port goes sailing with others’ boat

Qingdao enterprises doing business in The Belt and Road Qingdao Port goes sailing with others’ boatSince the Belt and Road Initiativewas put forward, Qing read more >>

Qingdao port and US Miami port to be brother ports

Qingdao port and US Miami port to be brother portsThe Qingdao port and Miami port signed the brother port relation agreement recently in Miami US. The Miami por read more >>

Qingdao signed helicopter project cooperation agreement with Airbus

The Qingdao United General Aviation Company signed a joint venture agreement with Airbus in Beijing on April 27. According to the agreement, Airbus is going read more >>

Qingdao Double Star successfully acquired KUMHO Tire of South Korea

Qingdao Double Star successfully acquired KUMHO Tire of South Korea The acquisition deal of South Korea KUMHO Tire by Qingdao Double Star has been eventuall read more >>

Another national engineering lab is added in Qingdao

The construction of the National Marine Underwater Equipment Test and Detection Technology Engineering Lab commenced las read more >>

Qingdao beer: investing more in internationalization

Qingdao beer: investing more in internationalization1. Qingdao beer: investing more in internationalizationTsingtao Beer has achieved excellent performance in o read more >>

Qingdao port ties with Russian largest port St. Petersburg port

The Qingdao port and St. Petersburg port signed brother port relation agreement on 21st March Russian local time. Currently the Qingdao friend circle expands to read more >>

China-Israel Science and Technology Incubation Industry Park will be accommodated in Qingdao

The Israeli Premier Business Innovation Forum was held in Beijing on March 20. In the forum, four parties including the Qingdao New and High-tech Zone and Isra read more >>

SIEMENS (Qingdao) innovation center unveiled in Qingdao

The SIEMENS (Qingdao) innovation center unveiled in the Sino-Germany Eco-Park recently and started operation. The center is the 1st smart manufacture innovatio read more >>

The Euro-Asian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park

The Euro-Asian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park Written by Song XiaohuaJanuary 26, 2017 Supported by the Department of European Affairs of the Min read more >>

Real-time observation data sending come true for the 1st time Science back to Qingdao after complete

The comprehensive oceanology research ship Science came back to the Qingdao West Coast homeport after completing its 2016 western Pacific Ocean scientific resea read more >>

11 Hollywood blockbusters will be shot in Qingdao

The Qingdao Municipal Government and Wanda Group recently held a film summit in Los Angeles, America. In the summit, the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis has a read more >>

Qingdao International Beer Festival shook hands with Adelaide Fringe Festival

The South Australia Gourmet Carnival with an investment of 2.5 million Australian Dollars from Australia made its appearance last week in the Huangdao main ven read more >>

A toast to Qingdao-Adelaide cooperation

Qingdao, Shandong province, and Adelaide, Australia, sought cooperation at an investment seminar during the Qingdao International Beer Festival, with the seminar taking place on Aug 13. read more >>

Powering ahead via diversification

When Qingdao Hengshun Zhongsheng Group Co Ltd, a firm focusing on electric projects and equipment, listed on the Shenzhen stock market in 2011, it attracted investors' attention straight away. read more >>

Qingdao business delegation visits Europe

A Qingdao business delegation, led by Guo Jian, deputy director general of Qingdao’s bureau of commerce, visited London, Geneva and Vienna from July 28 to Aug 6 to draw on experience in the construction of a modern market system. read more >>

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