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Licang district builds 12 headquarters


Licang district in Qingdao, Shandong province, attracted 41 programs and 12 headquarters of city-level corporations, according to the Licang district investment promotion bureau.

In 2013, the district reached a total output value of 29.8 billion yuan ($4.8 billion) with an increase of 10 percent, fixed-asset investment of 31 billion yuan ($5 billion) with an increase of 22 percent, and total retail sales of consumer goods of 25.4 billion ($4.1 billion) with an increase of 13 percent.

Ten-thousand square meters of underutilized industrial space were explored to develop the cultural creative industry. Five national high-tech enterprises settled in Licang district to win the National Award for Technological Invention. Eighty major projects are making good progress, such as the FAW-VW Training Center, Sheraton Hotel and Oaks Plaza. The district carried out communication activities with some Fortune 500 companies and held an investment promotion festival.

As an old industrial area, Licang district is confronted with different transformation and upgrades. Taking the opportunity of the Qingdao expo and North Qingdao Railway Station, it will stick to the strategic development plan to build itself into a prosperous and livable area.
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