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Construction on Qingdao’s 40 major industrial projects begins in August


Construction on 40 new industrial projects, with a planned investment of 100 million yuan (about $16 million) or above, kicked off in August in the eastern Chinese coastal city of Qingdao. A total of 12.24 billion yuan will be invested.

Investment into a clean energy production project in the city’s Huangdao district alone will surpass 1 billion yuan, the highest among these projects. Another six fall in the 500 million to 1 billion yuan range.

Among these projects, eight are in the machinery manufacturing industry, with investments totaling 1.66 billion yuan; four are in new energy and new materials industries, with investments totaling 2.19 billion yuan; four in electrical and electronics industries, with investments totaling 660 million yuan; three in the food and pharmaceutical industries, with investments totaling 500 million yuan; seven in commercial, trade and logistics industries, with investments totaling 2.02 billion yuan; four industrial park projects, with investments totaling 2.78 billion yuan; four business incubator projects, with investments totaling 1.3 billion yuan; four in hotels, car sales and other service industries, with investments totaling 680 million yuan; and two agricultural projects, with investments totaling 450 million yuan.

Construction on another 17 industrial projects with an investment of 100 million yuan or above was completed in August and investments added up to 6.85 billion yuan.
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