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Qingdao port's cargo handling capacity to hit 500m tons in 2016


Qingdao, the coastal city of Shandong province, will see its port's cargo handling capacity topping 500 million tons while container throughput is set to reach 17.46 million in 2016, according to the city transport commission on March 1.

In line with the Belt and Road Initiative, Qingdao will promote the development of its port and shipping industry and aims to build itself into an international logistics hub, said the transport authority.

He also added that the city will promote a series of wharf construction projects and assist the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ oceanology institution in the trial operation of its water dredging project.

Since Qingdao launched the construction project of an international shipping service center and released its "Qingdao Index" featuring shipping business in Northeast Asia, local shipping enterprises have enjoyed better service and environment for further development.

According to the plan, Qingdao will continue to work on the center construction project and build a series of platforms and research institutions to serve the shipping industry in 2016.
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