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Qingdao city's 10 investment policies

Build a “green channel” to provide convenient and efficient service for foreign-owned enterprises. read more >>

Promoting investment in modern services

The following are ideas on increasing investment in the modern service industry in Qingdao. read more >>

Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures

The Chinese Government protects, in accordance with the law, the investment of foreign joint ventures, the profits due to them and their other lawful rights and interest in a joint venture. read more >>

Supplementary Regulations for Measures for the Administration on Foreign Investment in Commercial Fi

Service providers from Hong Kong are permitted to establish enterprises of single proprietary, joint ventures or cooperative enterprises to undertaking commission agent business of chemical fertilizer, product oil and crude oil. read more >>

Qingdao service outsourcing development plan

Service outsourcing is a new form of international service and trade that is booming and has made an appearance in Qingdao. The city’s service outsourcing began with software R&D. read more >>
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